IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task card # 168

Describe a book that you enjoyed reading because you had khổng lồ think a lot.

Bạn đang xem: Describe a book that enjoyed reading because you had to think a lot

You should say:

what this book waswhy you decided to read itwhat reading this book made you think about

and explain why you enjoyed reading this book.

Model Answer 1:

I don’t really get much time or opportunities lớn read many books these days, probably because I am just too busy earning my livelihood. But, I guess, I just got little lucky last summer when I got some time off from my job. And that’s when I managed lớn read a good book which actually made me think a lot.

The book, I am talking about, is called “The Story of My Life” which is written by Helen Keller. Published in 1903, this book gives a very inspirational tài khoản of the world of a blind và deaf girl, whose speech development also ceased soon after, as she grows up. The main characters in this book are the writer herself (Helen Keller) và Anne Sullivan (a teacher who taught Helen Keller). This is such a book that it would be really difficult for a reader khổng lồ withdraw from it unless he/she finishes it in just one sitting. Và at the end of reading it, one sure would be able to lớn put a smile on his/her face and restore spirit at a time when so much negativity envelopes us.

By the way, I didn’t really know much about Helen Keller except that she was some kind of English “writer”. But, when I incidentally read an article about some of the most “inspirational women figures” of the 20th century, last summer, I came khổng lồ know about her in great more detail, & it was at that time that I decided to read this all-time, American classic, written by this prolific American author.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading this book, from start to finish, primarily because it had me think a lot. In fact, I was losing my mind just lớn even imagine how possibly a woman with such “debilitating disabilities” could actually finish her graduation at a time & age when a very few women would attend a college, and when the disabled would simply be relegated lớn the background and neglected like some kind of “untouchable creature”?

Model Answer 2:

Over the last few years, I was lucky to lớn have read a few books that were, more or less, interesting and thought-provoking. But, none of them really matched the appeal of the book that was written by Stephen Hawking. So, I guess, it is only fair that I talk about that book here.

The name of this is “A Brief History of Time”, và I read this book about a year ago when I was enjoying my summer holidays at my elder sister’s place. Well, I should have rather said that I only “started” lớn read this book during that summer holidays, và I continued reading it for the next few days before I could finish it, apparently because it had lots of pages to lớn cover. In fact, if I remember correctly, this book had more than 250 pages.

Now, the form size of this book would have been enough of a reason to lớn avoid reading it, but I still chose to read it because I wanted to prove to myself that I was intellectually sound enough lớn understand và appreciate some of the complex theories of science và their interpretations in relation lớn the events of our world as well as the universe. I chose lớn read it also because up and until that point, I never read a book that was written by such a world-famous scientist like Stephen hawking. But, for whatever reasons that I chose khổng lồ read this book, it made me think that God và science can actually co-exist. Besides, it also made me think that how insignificant we really are in this universe.

So, in the end, it is fair to lớn say that I really enjoyed reading this book, mainly because many of the things, which I learned at school a long time ago, were proved out khổng lồ be either outdated or wrong. But, what was even more interesting about reading this book was that I just didn’t know whether khổng lồ feel dumber or smarter after finishing reading it, because there were just so many new things in it to lớn understand!

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October 18, 2019

Let's start work on a new task, which comes from Cambridge IELTS 14:

Describe a book that you enjoyed reading because you had lớn think a lot.You should say:

- what this book was- why you decided to lớn read it- what reading this book made you think about- and explain why you enjoyed reading this book.

Which book would you choose to talk about? I'll give you my ideas next Friday.

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To be honest, i'm not a big fan of books because reading books makes me boring. But i was extremely interested in one book, its name " How to lớn influence people". This book is all about how to lớn give right decisions and teach me to lớn react some conflicts. I mean, i'm not a perfect person before, i'm always try khổng lồ win all arguments, may be with my friends, may be with my siblings as well as my parents. I fell satisfied whenever beat them. But after i finished reading this book, i think alot about my conflicts from the past, i hurt people by my speeches, i really need a change. As the result, i got all experiences that in this book và apply them in my current life. For example, i just silence while someone shout at me before i explain for them with a nice smile. I enjoyed this book because its useful for my life, it help me having more attractive with people around, change all arguments to lớn peaceful conversations.

Posted by:Vũ Vietnam |October 19, 2019 at 04:37

I think story book will be more easily to be Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings

Posted by:winson |October 19, 2019 at 08:17

Well, I'm quite into a Chinese historic book named Things in Ming Dynasty, which has 7 series & I have completed it. Before I begin to lớn read this book, my friend told me that the author described the history of Ming dynasty in a really humorous way, plus I'm really a big fan hâm mộ of history, thus I bought it on my kindle.When I was going through it, I fount it was quite into my taste. It has described a royal flourishment and decay including wars, political struggles, interesting issues with emperors và so on, which has really captured my historical imagination.

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In 2015, I decided lớn read a blockbuster book that I had heard about that among university scholars. I was curious about the book. The name is “Blindness,” a novel by José Saramago. The book’s story is about living a couple in a thành phố in which people are going blind one by one và what happens in these situations. While I was reading the novel, I was overwhelmed by the story so that if a critical condition lượt thích that happens in my town, what can I do. The structure of the sentences and the gist of the story were such that it caught the attention of every reader. No one just read a page and leave the rest of it out.